Markdown support in descriptions

Can not edit description with markdown syntaxes.

Code: Text indented with 3 spaces or inside ```

I edit description in Preview mode and all looks fine.
Click on “Save” button and no markdown here. Just raw text.

note that this is only one backtick, not three …

i.e. on
i use:

After installation please connect the hardware observe interface

`sudo snap connect omxplayer-pi:hardware-observe`

If you want to play content from the home dir on ubuntu core, also connect
the home interface

`sudo snap connect omxplayer-pi:home`

To play back content from a USB key or other external media, connect the
removable-media interface

and this works fine (for the store website at least)

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note that this is only one backtick, not three …

Same thing… Works fine in preview mode → “Save” → RAW text.

UPDATE: Ok. It’s working in one line


But anyway preview mode has different behavior :face_with_raised_eyebrow: