Mark and skip kernel and core revisions that provoked a boot recovery to the previous revision

Should we mark revisions of kernel and core that provoked a recovery/revert through boot so that we don’t try to install them again and again through refreshes?

While this sounds great, please add an option to disable it.

During initial bringup it often happens that you intercept the boot via something like adding “break=top” to the kernel commandline (which makes you end up in an initrd shell for debugging) doing the wrong thing in there can often cause a rollback (specifically during initial bringup).
In such cases i still need to be able to boot again to the same kernel, so a way to turn off this feature (or simply make it not be used when there are local x* versions in use) would be needed.

I think this would mostly apply to bare “snap refresh” and auto-refresh, the same way “snap revert” block revisions only for those cases.

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