Many 504 Gateway Timeout errors

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a LOT of 504 Gateway Timeout errors while accessing publisher’s pages on Often times it’s taking me three or more refreshes to get a page to load. Every page. I get the page to load, then submit a form and receive a timeout again. It is very painful. Am I the only person with this issue or have others noticed the trend too? Is there work ongoing to fix this?

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I have a similarly frustrating experience today.

I’m just bouncing around my developer account and the snapcrafters developer account as part of the day job and every so often when navigating from individual snap pages to the full snap list page I’m hit with a 504 error. It eventually resolves itself after I wait a little and refresh but it’s a pain.

I did some searching around and saw this come up in a few places over the years, is this a known thing or is it a new thing? I wouldn’t know where to begin to fix it but is it something the store team could straighten out?

I just merged this here because I noticed it was already a thing, @noise is there a stance on this? :blush:

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This happens to me very regularly. Pretty much any time I try to admin my snaps I get hit by many of these slowing me down


I too get this all the time. I got it just now visiting
It takes ages for the page to load and eventually times out. Feels like a backend snap store problem being unable to deliver the metrics promptly. Given the snap has only existed for a few days and has less than 10 users, I don’t have a lot of data to crunch, unlike some bigger, higher-profile apps.

Be nice if someone could poke the frontend and see where the time out comes from. @toto?

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We will investigate the cause of the 504 errors in the web frontend. I created an issue on the repo to track the work:

I will keep you updated.


This is happening a lot for us today and intermittently all the time. It’s starting to be the first thing I suspect when our CI pipelines fail.

error: cannot refresh "core18": unexpectedly empty response from the server
       (try again later)
Error while refreshing snap 'core18' to channel 'latest/stable'

This is still a very painful issue. Is anybody actually looking at this?

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I would LOVE for there to be a monthly (even quarterly) snap store transparency report for the community.

These kinds of things and actions being taken to resolve them could be on there as well. Maybe a store admin/infrastructure blog even?