Manually connect snap to interface

I have installed qucs-spice snap, but it does not have access to /mnt where I store my files.
Tried to connect to removable-media, but:

$ sudo snap connect qucs-spice:removable-media
error: snap "qucs-spice" has no plug named "removable-media"

How can I manually allow access to /mnt ?

As interim solution you can do a bind mount into something like ~/mnt… and contact the developer of the snap to have the interface added for a long term solution.

So, it is impossible to add a connection manually?

The plug must be enabled by the developer

Doesn’t that mean the developer risks that the app will not be published? In my case I tried to publish a snap with “docker” plugin, but then a manual review is triggered, which means the developer needs to wait a longer time and there’s a chance that the app won’t be published at all. I’m new to this, but it seems a bit weird, that I can’t grant a certain access to software of my own computer.

some interfaces are more powerful than others and give you access to a large combination of system resources and hardware …

docker and lxd definitely fall into that category, their risk is higher, which is why snaps using them go into manual review…

something like the network plug that gives you very restricted access to only use the network stack or home to access non hidden files in the homedir that you own anyway as well as removable-media which gives you only access to the /mnt and /media/$USER dirs do not require that …