Manual Snap Approval: pocketmine-server-manager

I’ve recently created an app “PocketMine Server Manager” which requires the “classic” confinement to work (creates a special folder in user’s home). That being said, I’ve seen my snap refused in the snap store because of the fact it uses the “classic” confinement

Brief description of the app:
Pocketmine Server Manager (aka PSM) is a GUI managing application for PocketMine Servers, allowing creation of multiple servers, easily managable. Source code is available on github. The official website is

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What do you mean by special folder? Maybe I don’t understand it well enough but why is this not possible with the home plug?

I’m still fairly new to snapcraft. My applications uses a .pocketmine folder to store informations about PocketMine servers (and a special PHP binary) and an another folder in .cache and is made w/ electron. I’ve heard about the “home” plug but I haven’t been able to find any documentation on the “home” plug. Does it just redirects the trafic from snap on a specific directory tothe home folder one? Or it requires a specific action?

Nevermind. Found it. Thanks anyway. I’ll try with it.

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See these examples for snaps of Electron apps. You may find them helpful in what sort of files you need to make (and stage-packages you need, but don’t set ones unnecessarily) to get it to work :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: . I’ve been able to make it working w/ the home plug. But now, I have an another problem (think Ill do an another topic for that) about cached that basicly didn’t want to let me upload my new snap.

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