Manual review required : Built, won’t be released

Hello review team. Our snap is no longer released using the cloud build for unknown reasons. It builds without errors, but says “failed to release”. I’m not sure if we need to request human review but I will submit it again for review. @review-team . Thank you.

Snap ID: q4sjFwrfFBkKvEULBKxaWblixxYdbp4R

Hi @ClueMaster, I can only see release #73 as the last release build in the store. I can not see any new release from cluemaster-mediadisplay-core snap in the review queue

Hello @0xnishit we have made many builds but they won’t show up in the release areas. It’s building and then just dumps the build when it’s finished. Something might be wrong with the store api’s?

@verterok ping, can you please help here?

@ClueMaster: we (@reviewers) have no visibility on what can be wrong in this case. As @0xnishit mentioned, we only see the latest review #73 properly released.

Hi @emitorino and @verterok . Is there any problem with the snap store or the api’s that transfer the built files into your storage after it’s done building?

Hi, Apologize for the delay, I started looking at this yesterday and managed to replicate the issue with a very simple test snap. There seems to be a problem with the macaroon discharge, as launchpad is unable to use the provided macaroon (by the storefront) to upload to the store. I’ll continue debugging this, but as it involves multiple systems getting logs and tracing requests is a bit more involved (to not say, a bit complex) Will post an update as soon we get more information.


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Hello @verterok . Were doing a workaround for the time which is manually downloading that built snap from the URL in the logs once its done. Then we re-upload it back to the store and it accepts it. So very very strange that its breaking and not auto uploading to the snap store.

Hello, Just a status update, I requested other teams to help debug and check things on their side, but we are still unable to pinpoint the issue. Some builds seem to be working fine, but I was able to reproduce with a really simple test snap

Will keep you posted on any update on the topic

Hey @verterok thanks for the update. Yeah, it’s strange and we see the same happening with our snaps. some are fine and then randomly this one just stopped importing into the store after its cloud built. Very strange.


Apologize for the delay, we tracked the issue to a bug in how authentication is done as there are currently 2 different ways to login and get launchpad the token required for the store uploads. Please, try logout, clear cookies and login via:, then disconnect the repository and connect it again.


That worked perfectly!! Thank you so much. Is that a bug now that will helpfully get fixed in the future?