Manual review request - shadowsocks-electron

The new version adds personal-files interface as a depends. In order to support Launch On Boot feature on snap platform, it needs to save a desktop file named shadowsocks-electron.desktop in ~/.config/autostart/ directory.

Please confirm that and thanks in advance.

Granting write access to ~/.config/autostart/ would allow a snap to escape confinement by specifying any arbitrary command be run. Instead however, a snap can allow itself to be autostarted by specifying the autostart property within their snapcraft.yaml as per - this should be the name of a desktop file which is expected to reside in $SNAP_USER_DATA/.config/autostart - ie. ~/snap/<snap_name>/<revision>/.config/autostart - so your snap can simply create this file and as it resides in the snap’s private storage location there is no need to use personal-files to access this. Also since by default the HOME environment variable is set to ~/snap/<snap_name/<revision/ for a snap when it is run, you can simply create the autostart file as say $HOME/.config/autostart/shadowsocks-electron.desktop and this will automatically create it in the right place and then you just need to set autostart: shadowsocks-electron.desktop. Then it should just work.

I use this for one of my own snaps - see and where as you can see there is no snap-specific code to handle creating the autostart file - this just uses the normal APIs and things just work.

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@nojsja since you marked @alexmurray comment as solution, we are removing this request from our review queue. If you have any further question, please ask here again and we will be happy to answer.