Manual review request for Visual LVM 5.2.1172

Hi admin, We have removed all unnecessary interfaces in latest Visual LVM. Review it please.

Thank you

Hi @isaac.clack

Please remember there is a process to request auto-connections. When creating a post, you should explicitly state which interfaces you are requesting auto-connection, and explain the technical reason behind that request.


Hi @jslarraz,

The interfaces were used in Visual LVM are followed:

block-devices to get lvm information

dm-crypt to launch LV operations

network for browser based UI

network-bind for browser based UI

system-files to launch VG/PV operations

system-observe to get information of LVM

hi @isaac.clack, could you please further specify with the interfaces you listed on whether you’d like to connect or auto-connect? Thanks!

The followed is the default status

Interface       Plug                              Slot           Notes
block-devices   visual-lvm-remote:block-devices   -              -
dm-crypt        visual-lvm-remote:dm-crypt        -              -
network         visual-lvm-remote:network         :network       -
network-bind    visual-lvm-remote:network-bind    :network-bind  -
system-files    visual-lvm-remote:access          -              -
system-observe  visual-lvm-remote:system-observe  -              -

For me I wish all interfaces can be auto-connect.

If not, the privilege list is:

block-devices, dm-crypt



Thank you

Hi @isaac.clack does this request differ to the discussion on Manual review request for Visual LVM 5.2?

Hi @cav,

No different.

Thank you

@isaac.clack so then let’s keep the discussion in the other forum topic to prevent confusions. I am removing this request from our review queue. Thanks!