Manual review of snaps uploaded to private brand store

I have pushed two snaps to a private Brand store. They were rejected and marked for manual review. It seems I should wait now for the manual review. The project I am working on has quite tight time schedules so I am hoping this process won’t take too long. The snaps are epi-edge and epi-gateway in the Episensor store.

Hi Jenny,

As a Brand Store customer, your organization should have received some training and documentation on how to operate the Brand Store as well as general snap ecosystem concepts. Also, you are entitled to filing Brand Store support cases which are serviced by Canonical’s support team - this might get you a faster response than posting in the public forum. I wonder if it would be possible for you to get in touch with your contact at Canonical and ask whether it’s possible to get this training and access to the support portal.

As for your concrete question, when your brand store was created, some users were designated as either admins or reviewers. Any of them can review and potentially approve snaps ; you don’t need (and shouldn’t) wait for a canonical reviewer to look at your snap.

That said, if the reason for failure is because the snap is using a privileged interface that requires updating the snap declaration, you will probably need to file a support case for us to look into, and grant, the required interface access.

I’ll reply to your other post in a bit more detail about snap declarations.

  • Daniel

Ok. I posted here because the snapcraft push command output explicitly stated that the manual review process could be fast tracked by posting in the snapcraft forum.

The store is a private store. But I cannot see where/how (when logged in as a user with a reviewer role) to review a snap. So maybe we can review our own snaps and it would help to have a screen shot or a link of how this can be done.

That is generally correct but it mostly applies to public snaps; Brand Store snap reviews are the responsibility of the brand store’s reviewers and thus, Canonical’s reviewer team doesn’t really handle those directly.

Usually a given user cannot review their own snaps for obvious reasons :slight_smile: You should be able to ask another user with reviewer role to review the snap. If you don’t have another user with that role (you should, as that’s how we usually set up brand stores) we can flip a switch to allow users to self-review their snaps - though we don’t recommend that for the reasons given above.

To review a snap, go to its page, then on the left side you’ll see uploaded revisions and the ones that failed review have a red icon, click on the revision and you should land on the review page, with buttons at the bottom to perform various actions such as approving, rejecting or rerunning automated review.

Note however, that even if you approve manually some of these rejected snaps, they will neither install nor auto-connect properly, since they require privileged interfaces (this is what we’re already discussing in the support case you filed, thanks!).

  • Daniel