Manual review of cloud-init snap

Hey Folks!

Per [1] it seems requesting a manual review should be done via the forum on the #store channel, so:

Can I request that someone review the cloud-init classic snap please? Given how invasive cloud-init is I of course made it a classic app and I also wanted to give the Github snapcraft integration a shot to build on new commits. Because this will be built for each commit, for now I only want to publish this to the edge channel.


[1] Publisher interactions in forum - reviews/aliases/auto-connections/tracks

I’ve taken care of this.

Note that for use of ‘classic’ you don’t need to follow; just upload to the store and a reviewer will respond. That link is for aliases and auto-connections (and we are starting to expand it for connections). People also don’t have to request manual reviews via the forum (though people may of course)-- the act of requesting a manual review in the store puts it in the reviewers’ queue.