Manual Review Needed For Atril-Mate Snap

Hey @alexmurray @jamesh @roadmr please review and allow the atril-mate snap to be released needs dbus as part of its normal operations, app natively also uses dbus thanks

The chosen dbus name seems a bit too generic - org.mate.atril - since the domain is not associated with this project from what I can tell. Instead this should ideally use something related to the upstream project/publisher - see for some guidance.

Thanks for the reply,is ok ??

No, since your project is not associated with any “community.snap” TLD - as per the link I posted, something like io.github.CapeCrusader321.atril would be fine

the latest revision under process carries your suggested dbus value, please review it accordingly, thanks

Hey @alexmurray any updates on this one ??, i have implemented your suggested dbus id, this snap is stuck for over almost one week, please review or suggest changes acoordingly…

You realise you changed this only a few hours ago and expect me to suddenly jump back on this request - store reviewers have many obligations, please show some patience.

This is now done.

thanks,talking about patience, i changed it recently as per your suggestion, i had put it out for request for almost a week ago, a week isnt less for patience, right, i understand your obligations but talking about patience is not less than a bad joke,ignore this, thanks for doing it…

the general review cycle is two weeks, so a week is not actually that much … (also pinging reviewers directly by name instead of using the @reviewers team account is not very helpful since reviewing is a shared team effort)

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