Manual review for Squaremetrics-ble-scanner

Hey Folks ,
Our snap squaremetrics-ble-scanner is a utility to scan for nearby LE devices and to track them . We’re planing on setting up multiple hardware gateways with our snap and in order to distinguish which gateway is sending data we need to identify it by it’s MAC address why the use of system-files plug . We were requested for a manual review , so if any of the reviewers could have a look to our snap and allow us the use of this plug .
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I looked at this and you are using system-files to access /sys/class/net/wlan0/address. This is not what the system-files interface is for, but I suspect your snap will start to work if you plugs ‘network-observe’ (be sure to use snap connect after installing your new build).

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Thanks @jdstrand for the pointer - we managed to use network-observe successfully. We don’t need any manual review any more. Best, Michael / Squaremetrics.

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Glad to hear! Please feel free to bring up other questions here. :slight_smile: