Manual Review for qikfox Safe browser snap

Hello Everyone, I am trying to publish my snap qikfox but it is unable to work for quite some time now.Following error keep popping. Issues while processing snap:g - human review required due to 'deny-connection' constraint (interface attributes) Can reviewers please review and allow this. I have no idea who do this. If anything needed from my side please inform as soon as possible. This is a browser similar to chromium and brave. Do I need to make this snap public as it is private atm Waiting for replies. Thanks in advance.

Can anyone please help me to solve this issue?

Hi @qikfoxlinux,

I see that latest revision (#16) passes review and is released on edge now. Do you still need something manually approved?

Hi @dclane, Thanks for response. I have just uploaded a new revision(#18). That is still unable to pass the automatic review. Can you please approve the qikfox snap?

Thanks @qikfoxlinux, this has been approved.

Thanks @dclane, I did some more changes to the snapcraft.yaml and now it again require manual review. Do I need to ask for manual review each time I make changes ? Is it not possible to work without reviews. I need to make sure the qikfox browser is working fine with all values from the chromium snapcraft.yaml. I have pushed the latest revision(#20). Can you please review it again?

When a manual review is triggered depends on the specific changes you make. In the case of qikfox, I can see now that you’ve introduced the browser-support interface with allow-sandbox: true, and as outlined in the browser-support interface docs, this particular interface is limited to trusted publishers only - hence it now flagging for review (whereas rev #18 that I approved earlier did not have this plug).

browser-support with sandbox requires publisher vetting because the rules that apply effectively allow the snap to break the usual snap confinement, and we only want to do this when a snap absolutely requires it and the publisher is vetted/verified.

@advocacy, would be able to perform vetting please.

Hi @dclane, Thanks for information. That’s helpful. Do I need to do something to help in process to make it faster for me. I need to get this done as quickly as possible. Please help so that I release qikfox browser fast. Latest revision that need to be reviewed is (#22). Please approve it as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards, Rahul Kumar.

Hi @dclane, I was expecting some response from community. But till now I haven’t recieved any. Please let me know the total time it takes for vetting process. And publishing qikfox. The last snap should have all the plugs that are used by brave and chromium. Please approve this so that I can move forward with this process.

I can’t guarantee how long this will take, sorry. @Igor should be in touch regarding the vetting, and in the meantime other @reviewers will hopefully cast supporting votes.

@qikfoxlinux Can you please share the official homepage for your app?

Hi @Igor , Sorry for delay in response. Here is the link for qikfox Safe browser : This page contain details about the whole company and app. Thanks for response.

Could you please DM me your general support email address?