Manual review for gcolor3

I just created a snap for the gtk3 app gcolor3 (, which requires manual review due to the need for a D-bus session bus. If I do not specify the dbus slot, gcolor3 fails to start with the following apparmor error:

apparmor="DENIED" operation="dbus_bind"  bus="session" name="nl.hjdskes.gcolor3" mask="bind" pid=2071932 label="snap.gcolor3.gcolor3"

As this is the first time I’ve tried to snap a gtk3 app, please let me know if there is an alternative approach I can try. The snapcraft.yaml can be found at:

Hi @hvbakel

Use of the well-known DBus name, nl.hjdskes.gcolor3, was granted to this snap and now it is passing automatic revision. Could you please confirm that it is now working as expected?

Much appreciated, everything is working as expected now.