Manual review for cubelify-overlay


I’ve submitted a new release for my app cubelify-overlay (publisher: jakubmeysner) that requires a manual review due to a personal-files plug latest-log - read-only access to $HOME/**/*/latest.log. This is used to access Minecraft log files which are essential for the app’s functionality.

I’d like to request that this plug is auto-connected if possible.

Hi @jakubmeysner,

We are usually cautious before granting access to files that don’t clearly belong to the snap. So, could you please explain the purpose of the snap and why it needs access to the latest.log file?

The scope of the read permission ( $HOME/**/*/latest.log) is also too wide and you probably should limit it to the concrete location of the file you need to access. The name of the plug (currently latest-log) should also be renamed accordingly to represent the file/directory it grants access to.

Hi @jakubmeysner - ping, can you please provide the requested information that @jslarraz mentioned? Thank you

It’s an app that allows users to view in-game statistics of other players. Access to the latest.log file is necessary to read the names of other players (to show their statistics). That access is essential to the app’s functionality.

I don’t believe the filename latest.log is used by any other applications, I could replace the wildcard plug with ones pointing to the following files though:

  • ~/.minecraft/latest.log
  • ~/.lunarclient/offline/multiver/logs/latest.log
  • ~/.minecraft/logs/blclient/minecraft/latest.log

These would cover most users’ needs.


Pending an update to the personal-files paths to replace the wildcards with the specific file paths you mentioned, and appropriate plug names to go along with it, this request for read-only access to these personal files seems reasonable in regards to the apps functionality. +1 from me.

I’ve released an update replacing the wildcard plug with ones pointing to the paths listed above (with one small change - ~/.minecraft/logs/latest.log instead of ~/.minecraft/latest.log - I’ve accidentally omitted part of the path).


It now looks fine for me. +1 from me to grant cubelify-overlay read access to : ~/.minecraft/logs/latest.log ~/.lunarclient/offline/multiver/logs/latest.log ~/.minecraft/logs/blclient/minecraft/latest.log’

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, we will grant auto-connect of interface personal-files to snap cubelify-overlay after publisher vetting.

Hi @advocacy - could you please perform publisher vetting. Thanks