Manual review: firefox-appmenu

firefox-appmenu is identical to the firefox snap, but introduces a patch for global menu support on desktop environments like Unity, MATE, KDE and Budgie. Thus, it requires manual review for the same reason as Firefox (see; fork of the Firefox snap with the appmenu patch added).

here’s the correct link:

Hello @rs2009 , we discourage multiple versions of the same snap. Maybe talk with the upstream firefox snap in order to incorporate those changes. What do you think? Thanks!

That’s extremely unlikely, as the upstream Firefox snap’s developers most probably don’t want any such patches to be included. We were planning to ship this patched Firefox snap in 23.04, so getting it into Firefox itself is not going to possible (since the Feature Freeze for 23.04 is in Februrary)

Unfortunately I don’t think it is tenable to have 2 almost identical snaps in the snap store, particularly when one is officially published by the upstream project and the other is a fork with a minor change. How would you plan on staying up-to-date with security updates etc? This really feels like a poor outcome.

The best option would be to work with the Ubuntu Desktop team (ping @bandali) to see if they can help liase with upstream on how to have this be officially suppported. Perhaps the official firefox snap could provide a content interface that allowed your snap to simply install some configuration into etc which would then enable this functionality if / when your snap is installed in addition to the real firefox snap?

Also you may want to make sure you are not in violation of as it appears you are distributing a modified version of firefox which from my layman reading of this policy would appear to not be allowed.

Sure, I’ll get in touch with them. However, I’m not sure if that’s going to be possible as it modifies Firefox’s code (adding support for the appmenu).

I’m not sure if that would be a problem, as many other distros (including Arch and Gentoo) do have a similar firefox-appmenu package (aside from the Firefox package itself).

On top of this concern, I see the snap keeps the original firefox summary, description etc so this is also an issue to discuss with Advocacy (cc @Igor)

Maybe the solution could be to have a fully descriptive name like appmenu-firefox-for-mate? This allows publication of other appmenus without conflicts.

Yep, I have to update that.

This isn’t specific to any particular desktop environment.

@rs2009 That was just a suggestion. Something along those lines, e.g.: appmenu-global-firefox.

Ah, thought you meant a name specific to each DE-specific snap. Yep, I’ll rename the package to something along those lines.