Manual Approval for use of lxd plug (lxdui)

lxdui is snap and a web UI for lxd. It needs access to the lxd interface, because the allows users to manage lxd through the browser.

I am not the maintainer of this project. My intention is to upstream the snap once I can workout any kinks.

Snap fork:

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I just wanted to bump this request. I posted over the weekend so it may have gotten lost in the noise.

The lxd interface is privileged and essentially grants device ownership and so is not appropriate to grant auto-connection for this interface. However, since this snap is clearly a front-end for lxd I think it might be appropriate to grant use of the lxd interface to allow users to manually connect this after installing the snap, although due to the nature of the lxd interface being privileged, I would prefer that we treat this similar to a classic confinement request and so would require publisher vetting.

Also due to the level of trust required in this snap, I wonder if it would be more appropriate if this were published directly by the Adaptive Scale folks - have you approached them to take this upstream?

Yes, I believe they would be open to publishing the snap themselves. I opened an issue here:

I believe @vetoni maintains lxdui. He might be able to comment.

Would the preferred path be: 1) get the snap code upstreamed, 2) transfer ownership of the snap to AdaptiveScale, 3) have AdaptiveScale make this request again?

Yes that would be great.