Manual approval for Gluu Server block-devices interface

The Gluu snap was rejected with this message:

“The block-devices interface is reserved for snaps that require raw disk access and
is not usually needed for typical snaps. This interface grants device ownership to the

The Gluu Server is not a desktop application–it is a single sign-on server. It is critical that the admin who deploys the Gluu Server not deploy any other software on this machine. Also, access to the Gluu Server should be locked down to only the most trusted network administrators. I don’t see a trust issue here–if you don’t trust the Gluu Server software, you shouldn’t be using it for SSO to all your applications.

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I just want to make a point here… if you don’t trust Gluu, why are you using it to authenticate users for all your applications??? We don’t need to hack your linux workstation… we have access to your user passwords!

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when you are going to publish it, we already removed all the block-device from yaml, rebuld and push it again

Revision 3 passed automated review yesterday; you just need to release it to a channel (eg, edge, beta, candidate or stable).

how we do that? or where?

Ok done, just pushed it into stable

jenkins@pkg-deb3:~/workspace/Gluu-CE-SNAP/gluu-snap$ snapcraft push --release=stable gluu-server_4.1.1_amd64.snap
Pushing gluu-server_4.1.1_amd64.snap
After pushing, an attempt will be made to release to ‘stable’
Preparing to push ‘/home/jenkins/workspace/Gluu-CE-SNAP/gluu-snap/gluu-server_4.1.1_amd64.snap’ to the store.
The Snap Store encountered an error while processing your request: bad gateway (code 502).============== ] 99%
The operational status of the Snap Store can be checked at

We worked this out on IRC. In summary, since this snap had been uploaded to the store already, it couldn’t be pushed again, so ‘snapcraft release’ needed to be used instead. I also chatted with @degville for an improvement to since that is what @adrian-gluu was looking at and it didn’t say anything about ‘snapcraft release’.


@jdstrand we may need to enable block-device plugin for opendj, it checks available disk space (don’t know the frequency). Since we did not run it long enough I don’t know if it crashes while checking disk space.