Manjaro snapd trying to install ubuntu-core


I’ve just received an email from Philip Müller, Manjaro Project Lead.

Philip explains he is facing the following issue:

phil@manjaro ~ $ chromium
cannot locate the base snap: ubuntu-core: No such file or directory

And also provides this outut:

phil@manjaro ~ $ snap --version
snap     2.27.6-1
snapd    2.27.6-1
series   16
kernel   4.13.1-1-MANJARO
phil@manjaro ~ $ ls -ld /{var/lib/snapd/snap},snap}/{core,ubuntu-core}/*
ls: cannot access '/var/lib/snapd/snap}/core/*': No such file or directory
ls: cannot access '/var/lib/snapd/snap}/ubuntu-core/*': No such file or
ls: cannot access '/snap/ubuntu-core/*': No such file or directory
drwxr-xr-x 24 root root 309 Aug 30 02:32  /snap/core/2774
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root   4 Sep 11 06:47  /snap/core/current -> 2774

I’ve ask the Philip join us here in to discuss this further. @mvo have you encountered this before?

i think this is already covered in:

Current PKGBUILD can be found here. I tested now several other snaps like: krita, castersoundboard. All try to find ubuntu-core even when core is installed. Is there any snap I can test which uses core?

@zyga-snapd This is the thread you requested to specifically discuss Manjaro issues :slight_smile: @philm is the Manjaro lead.

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I think since Manjaro is not yet recognised it might search for the wrong core package. Currently I don’t know which defines it.

phil@manjaro ~ $ cat /etc/lsb-release

phil@manjaro ~ $ cat /etc/os-release
NAME="Manjaro Linux"
PRETTY_NAME="Manjaro Linux"


This PR should fix everything happening to manjaro today:

If there are any Manjaro users that could help me with to get the manjaro version of snapd updated I would really appreciate some feedback. I’ve been building updated versions of the Arch package because the current Arch maintainer has stopped working on Arch but has not yet been removed from the role (or is just super busy but will come back but this has not occurred yet).

I’m currently trying to update it in our unstable branch, however we still have some issues now:

env BAMF_DESKTOP_FILE_HINT=/var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/chromium_chromium.desktop /snap/bin/chromium %U
error: unknown command "%U", see "snap --help"

PATH is as followed:

$ echo $PATH

After reinstalling it it still has some issues:

phil@manjaro ~/dev/git/manjaro/repositories/stable-repos/community $ sudo snap remove chromium
chromium removed
phil@manjaro ~/dev/git/manjaro/repositories/stable-repos/community $ sudo snap install chromium
chromium 60.0.3112.101 from 'canonical' installed
phil@manjaro ~/dev/git/manjaro/repositories/stable-repos/community $ chromium
cannot locate the base snap: ubuntu-core: No such file or directory

Current files can be found in our git repo.

Did you try to apply the patch referenced above?

Yes, I already added your patches as you can see in our git repo, so some might still be missing. Maybe grap one of the current v17.0.4 ISO and try it also on your end. I can release it as is, but it won’t make any sense to do so. Therefore I’ve removed snap from our repos for now.

==> Entpacke Quellen...
  -> Entpacke snapd_2.27.6.vendor.tar.xz mit bsdtar
==> Beginne prepare()...
patching file cmd/snap-seccomp/main.go
patching file snap/snapenv/snapenv.go
patching file snap/snapenv/snapenv_test.go
patching file release/release.go
patching file release/release_test.go
patching file snap/squashfs/squashfs.go
patching file cmd/cmd.go
patching file dirs/dirs.go
Hunk #1 succeeded at 133 (offset -24 lines).

Aww. I’ll debug this and fix it tomorrow. Can you please grab me on IRC. I’d love to resolve this quickly.

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@zyga-snapd: write me an email or PM on how to connect with you in IRC and I try to do that. Thx for your support on this topic.

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I’m zyga on #snappy on freenode. I’ve installed manjaro and I’m exploring and fixing snapd code. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

So I just built a fully working snapd for Manjaro. I’ve cherry-picked the same patch as I did for Arch (though I just added it into the tree) and built the package. I ran unit tests on master and found one thing to fail (test checking the shadow group) but this is the same failure that exists on Arch and we already have a plant to fix it.

I’ll play with it some more and then send a PR back to the community repository.

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@zyga-snapd: would be great. Take all the time you need to find a proper way for Manjaro.

@zyga-snapd Adding it to upcoming on your list.

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This was already fixed in master, I’ll try to get it released as soon as I can confirm openGL on hardware.

@zyga-snapd Once the promise above is fulfilled please drop the tracking tags.

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Manjaro is now fully supporting v2.27 and v2.28 series of snapd. I’ve pushed it now to unstable branch and announced it. Needed sources can be found here and here.


I noticed someone is having trouble running ohmygiraffe on that thread. I joined your forum but I can’t post in that topic to help. Can you help me to help the user there?

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@popey: on my end I’ve the following error:

phil@manjaro ~ $ ohmygiraffe
/snap/ohmygiraffe/3/bin/launch_omg: line 59: 27355 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) $SNAP/usr/bin/love $SNAP/

@zyga-snapd: ideas what the issue might be. Running here an NVidia card.