Making non standard opengl drivers available to the opengl interface

Seemingly if you install the upstream amdgpu drivers on your system they end up in /opt/amdgpu …

apparently a deb based system picks that up fine (i guess the upstream driver installer mangles the correct alternatives here)

but since snapd will only provide standard locations for the GL drivers and libs inside the confinement area users using the upstream drivers are out of luck using any GL based snaps. Would there be any way to make it work for these users too (apart from having them bind-mount half the world over the distro libs/drivers) ?

You mean the proprietary AMDGPU-PRO driver? The open source amdgpu should work out of the box.

Right, i was wondering if we could cover upstream out-of-distro drivers here somehow (not sure there are others beyond amdgpu and afaik the closed driver is going away so perhaps this is a moot request)