MakeMKV RPi4 snapd version 2.55.3

I am trying to get Makemkv installed on a rpi4 I am not able to upgrade to 2.55.3. I tried to install the beta snap version but it does not appear to be available for arm64.

>     tmorton@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo snap version
>     snap    2.54.4
>     snapd   2.54.4
>     series  16
>     debian  11
>     kernel  5.15.32-v8+
>     tmorton@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo snap install makemkv
>     error: cannot install "makemkv": snap "makemkv" assumes unsupported features:
>            snapd2.55.3 (try to refresh snapd)
>     tmorton@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo snap refresh
>    All snaps up to date.

take a look at snap info snapd

you can refresh snapd to the candidate channel version if you want to with:

sudo snap refresh --candidate snapd

once snapd 2.55.4 went to stable, you can switch back by just using the same command with --stable