MAINLINE (switch to a newer Linux kernel easy, gamers etc.) - currently only via dreadful PPA-hassle

Mainline is installed, a user would find new kernels in the application menu. Sadly UKUU is nowadays not free as in beer so this would be the one to snap.

Mainline Ubuntu Kernel Installer

given that kernels in the ubuntu mainline PPA come without any security, are not updating ever (since they do not come with a meta package), are missing quite essential config defaults (up to the point where they completely break snaps and their security) and are missing all ubuntu “SAUCE” patches, it does not sound like a good idea to make such an app easily accessible in the default software center …

on a sidenote these kernels are solely for checking features … i.e. if a kernel developer asks you to try them (temporary) in a bug report to verify a fix.

a quote from the official kernel mainline PPA wikipage below:

“These kernels are not supported and are not appropriate for production use.”

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