Lzo automatically rejected?

For a test i just tried to re-build zoom-client with lzo compression by adding

compression: lzo

to snapcraft.yaml … this builds fine with an experimental notice in the build log:

EXPERIMENTAL: Setting the squash FS compression to 'lzo'.

sadly then the store refuses to release the snap:

compression algorithm 'lzo' not allowed security-snap-v2_squashfs_compression

how do i get my snap released when wanting to use lzo ?


I wanted to give LTO compression a try on a snap I maintain, since it showed a huge improvement in loading times. I have the same issue, releasing the snap fails even when using the snapcraft.io builders…

I’m also having this issue. LZO works fine locally but is rejected when trying to upload to the Snap Store. The blog post announcing LZO a few days ago so maybe its not fully live yet?

Hi folks, we are in the process of rolling out automated changes to allow all snaps to use LZO compression, but in the meantime you may find your snaps marked for manual review and someone will be along to allow them through in due time. Thanks for your patience.


@ogra I manually approved revisions #109 and #110 and I can see them already published.

As @ijohnson mentioned we are working on the review-tools updates required to have this process automated.

Thanks for your patience and let us know if you have any further question.


thanks a lot ! :hugs:

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@argosopentech is argos-translate the snap you are talking about? I have just approved revision #6 so it can use lzo as well.

Enjoy it!

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Thanks! Can you also approve argos-translate-base-langs, it’s a content snap that uses LZO too.

You are welcome!

Revision #2 for argos-translate-base-langs has been approved as well.

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Did the fix happen in review-tools already, Shall we now upload our snaps with LZO compression ?

The change is committed to the review-tools (thanks @emitorino!) and a request was made to pull this into the store. I suspect that it won’t hit production until next week, but perhaps @roadmr can comment further.


The review-tools changes are now deployed on the snap store, LZO snaps should pass review now.

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