LÖVE snap template - how to make it multi-arch?

Hey there,

I found this awesome snap template by @popey for LÖVE games: https://github.com/popey/love-snap-template

The problem is, it’s always grabbing amd64 packages here: https://github.com/popey/love-snap-template/blob/e07b3f884e4ba93b325aaa664b10b424904df6e3/snap/snapcraft.yaml#L21-L44

How do I make that snapcraft.yaml file multi-arch, so that it grabs the i386 or armhf versions when building for those archs on build.snapcraft?

Not sure whether it makes things easier, but the LÖVE project also publishes their packages at this PPA: bartbes/love-stable

(I’d really love to keep my builds on build.snapcraft. I have no other way of automating multi-arch builds.)

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Thanks for the feedback! I need to rewrite that template I think. It’s a bit old and things have moved on in the snapd and snapcraft world which should make it easier to build cross-distro snaps using it. I’ll make a note to have a tinker with it.

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Thank you! Let me know if I can help in any way.

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You can throw some reading material at me, and I’ll make a PR, if you don’t have the time.