Lots of "tests" snaps in the store

If I look for the keyword “test” in the snapcraft website or the snap-store there is a lot of results that are not real applications. Probably they were created when some developers were trying to learn how to create a snap package.

This reduce the user experience of the store and give the impression that the applications in the store are not curated. Where should I report this bug?

What’s the bug exactly?

There are legitimate reasons for a snap to include “test” in their name. We can’t just filter out all snaps mentioning “test”.

The right way to tackle this would be for snap developers to mark their test snaps as “unlisted” so they don’t appear in search results. As per above we can’t meaningfully and unilaterally flip the flag for all test snaps, since a developer might want their snap to be findable.

  • Daniel

The bug is showing to the end user snaps that are not intended to actually be users applications. I do agree that just filtering out all snaps mentioning “test” would be a terrible idea. However when I search for the word “test” in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for example I only find results that actually intent to have the word “test” in the name of the application and not tests builds.

I don’t know how Google and Apple solved this problem but the snapcraft sells itself as “The app store for Linux”. So I think this problem should be addressed at some point.