Looking for someone to maintain some snaps

I have a bunch of snaps I no longer have the time or inclination to maintain. I’d like someone else to take these on. Volunteers sought.

sosumi, reaper, hdrview, lbry, suckit, mindustry, ohmygiraffe, sunwait, shattered-pixel-dungeon, zzt, azimuth, spt, bombsquad, bussard, twinejs, b2, spot, emoj, solvitaire, rpi-imager, newsflash, keeperrl, linuxtycoon, dosbox-staging, piqueserver, session-desktop, spek, mgba, vokoscreen-ng, sfxr, natron, dynahack, x16emu, snipes, ncspot, monolith, pwbm, matterbridge, emu2, dog.


I’d like to try and take one or two of those on if no-one more capable and empowered steps up. I’ve built precisely one (stolen) snap to date so should probably be considered a victim of last resort even with mentoring. I’ll take a look the following from the above list and see if I can build them without destroying them or my sanity, and if I have any chance of understanding what I’m doing and taking on:

reaper, hdrview, rpi-imager, vokoscreen-ng.

Feel free to tell me to run away and stop being daft. If the above don’t frighten me off I might try some of the others (or if they do …).

Update: hmm lbry looks like I should shuffle quietly away … still going to try an build it mind :wink:

Ok so I built reaper, and rebuilt it with the latest version updated to core20 - so far so good…

It’ll be a sad day for snaps when @popey buries ohmygiraffe.

Hi @popey I’d be willing to maintain mgba. I currently maintain quite a few game emulator snaps (yuzu, citra, dolphin, ppsspp, rpcs3, melonds), so mgba should be no problem for me.


Thank you so much! I’ve added you as a collaborator. Feel free to request a transfer once you’re all setup. The yaml is at https://github.com/popey/mgba-snap

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happy to help with sunwait and emoj. At a pinch, also spek.

Thanks John! I have shared all three as collaborator with you. Feel free to transfer at your leisure. Spek is super simple and never changes :slight_smile:

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neat! is the yaml and etc kept in revision control anywhere?

Bad news: Can’t find them

Good news: They all have the snap/snapcraft.yaml inside the snaps, published in the store :wink:

No problem, thanks for maintaining mgba up until now, I’ll create the transfer request shortly. Also thanks for your work in the snapcraft community, creating those numerous snapcrafting youtube videos got me to give snapcrafting a go in the first place :slight_smile:

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Given ~3 months have passed and there aren’t any volunteers for most of the snaps, I’m going to make them unlisted in the store. Obviously if anyone does wants to take them on, let me know.

Sorry, only just found this; I can take rpi-imager

Thanks Dave, please request a transfer from the store team. Pre-emptive +1 from me.

I saw @popey’s recent tweet about sosumi - and I was curious about :

  • What it was
  • Whether it had community support.

Couldn’t find it in the store - so I guess it has been removed - however articles that link to that snap like this one - ℎttps://www.how2shout.com/how-to/sosumi-an-easy-way-to-install-macos-on-ubuntu-linux-but-didnt-work.html still contain links to a very much working snap page within the snap store - well inside snapcraft.io.

Should unlisted make snaps disappear totally? or is there another state that we should be setting this snap to - like “Unsupported”?

There already is a state for that. Private.

I’ll try my hand at ohmygiraffe.

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@roadmr please can ohmygiraffe be transferred to @kz6fittycent?

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Sure; but the usual applies :frowning: I can’t map the forum @kz6fittycent to a Store user without performing dark, unsavory rituals. Could you please add him as a collaborator? Please let me know, that way I can check store-side for the email address and consent (in the form of accepting the collab invite) and do the transfer.

Sorry about the extra hoop.

  • Daniel

@roadmr I have made @kz6fittycent a collaborator on ohmygiraffe.