Long-Press actions not working in wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk

Hi all!

I use ubuntu frame with wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk for … a kiosk :wink:

Unfortunately, in our Kiosk there are some Buttons where you need to confirm the action by “holding” the button for a couple of seconds.

E.g. you need to confirm that you want to shutdown the kiosk by holding “Hold to shutdown” for a certain time. On top of the dialog there is a progress bar (see screenshot; blue) and normally after hitting 100% it should shut down the kiosk. For some reason this never happens and the blue bar is stuck at 100%.

(Screenshot taken remotely via PC, that’s why there is a mouse cursor)

Any Ideas?

Thanks a lot themmm

I just realized, that not even the progress Bar is working. So when I Touch/Press the Button it gets highlighted, but nothing happens.