Locating DRI drivers

We’re building a modified chromium snap that uses minigbm instead of libgbm and run into this problem:

Machines with an AMD GPU will try to load the DRI driver from:


This file does not exist for the snap, not even the /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri directory is there.

The snap does pull in the gnome extension, and that extension does have:


How should the rerouting work from the expected path to the actual path?

snapcraft.yaml file is here:

To see what the extension does to your snap, go to the toplevel of the source tree and run snapcraft expand-extensions … that will spit out your snapcraft.yaml with all additions the extension puts into it during build …

along with that a command-chain script is prefixed to your command:, that script will modify environment variables that i.e. tell mesa where to look for dri libs and drivers …

Thank you ogra. I am not sure I understand though. I ran the command to expand, but did not learn much from that. Other than finding this in the output:

command-chain: &id001
- snap/command-chain/desktop-launch

I am not sure what id001 refers to, and the desktop-launch script does not set variables for DRI location.