Live feed of new snaps entering the Store (shameless self promotion)

My site at has been tracking statistics about the Snap Store for over a year, and now I’ve tied it into Twitter to publish a new tweet for every new Snap package as soon as it enters the Store. Follow the @snapstats_org account to see the feed as it happens.


Does the sc API exposes number of installs per snap ? That would be useful.

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There is an API for it, but you need to be authenticated as a user who has access to a particular snap in order to be able to see it. i.e. there is no public API.

You mean this user will only see the stats of his own snaps ?

Yes, publishers can see the number of weekly active devices for each snap they publish. Like this:


Thanks alan, that’s great , I understand that exposing public download counters( like on android Play store) is not always wanted