Linux Snap Store shows oudated application descripton


I’ve updated my application description from the sanpcraft website, and when I visit my application from the Snap store on Linux, the application images have been updated but the description shown is still the old one. I’ve waited a whole day to see if it gets updated, but it has not.

I even uninstalled the Snap Store app form Linux and reinstalled it again, just to force a catalog update, but i’m still seeing the old description, however, the applicaiton page on the snap store from the web shows the right description.

Do you know how to solve this? Why is my application description not being updated? Is there anything i can do from my side?

I can have a look, what’s the snap in question?

  • Daniel

Sure, the snap is contasimple ( If I browse the previous link from the browser, I see it correctly, but when visting the app page through the snap store, I see an old version of the application description. I’ve tried uninstalling the snap store application, and waiting for several days to leave it time to sync with no luck.

Hi, I checked with snap info and what I see there is consistent with what shows, suggesting the store-side data has been properly updated. If you are seeing this problem only on the snap-store local client, we should ask the snap-store people to have a look or you can file a bug here.

One thing to confirm though - do you have contasimple installed on the system where you’re doing this? It could be that snap-store shows information for the locally-installed snap which would explain the discrepancy. This also should be confirmed by the snap-store maintainers. A simple way to verify would be snap remove contasimple and if, with the snap removed, things look ok, that’d confirm my theory. Of course, if you have a lot of contasimple data this will not be an option for you. I would definitely suggest poking the snap-store client devs (@kenvandine maybe) to see if they have any insights.

  • Daniel
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