Linux 4.15.0 snaps

Are there any publicly available amd64 snaps for Ubuntu-Linux v4.15.0? Current there is the pc-kernel, but is using v4.4.0. I didn’t see any available.

I attempted a build one using (as suggested by @wililupy, in my previous post):

git clone
cd bionic
snapcraft snap

Most of the builds fails across several tags. I would like to avoid building the entire kernel if possible.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

once there is UbuntuCore 18 (with a final stable release by end of the year or so (i dont know the exact timelines here)), the kernel snaps for that release will be 4.15 based … UbuntuCore releases are always based off the LTS, so the kernel snaps are also based on what the kernel team provides security fixes for.

note that you should not call snapcraft snap which is only one step of the process, instead just call snapcraft

Perhaps the kernel team (@ppisati ?) has a timeline they can share…

Hi @ogra, thanks for the info! What is the major difference between snapcraft and snapcraft snap? I see a few extra options that might be available?

  --enable-geoip        Detect best candidate location for stage-packages
                        using geoip
  --no-parallel-builds  Force a sequential build.
  --target-arch <arch>  Target architecture to cross compile to
  -o, --output TEXT     path to the resulting snap.
  --help                Show this message and exit


snapcraft snap is essentially only the step that calls mksquashfs to finally create the snap.

while snapcraft is currently clever enough to call all former steps it needs, in case that ever changes or if there would all of a sudden be steps after “snapcraft snap” you’d be screwed, so better just use snapcraft as recommended, this will make always sure to run a full cycle with all required steps.

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I found some time to take a look at the tree today and there is actually a script not being copied by the snapcraft build while debian/rules has the right cp line … patching snapcraft.yaml like below gets you past the missing script error:

$ git diff snapcraft.yaml
diff --git a/snapcraft.yaml b/snapcraft.yaml
index 9eb3f40..c5294e6 100644
--- a/snapcraft.yaml
+++ b/snapcraft.yaml
@@ -17,6 +17,9 @@ parts:
     kconfigflavour: generic
+    override-pull: |
+      snapcraftctl pull
+      cp debian/scripts/retpoline-extract-one scripts/ubuntu-retpoline-extract-one
     plugin: nil

but there seems to be another issue here that will require further inspection …

Thanks @ogra, I used this patch as well as this one:

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