Limit other snap can only get my snap gsettings

I want to use gsettings to config my snap. In my own snap app, I can set and get gsettings key values. Other snap can get my gsettings key values, but not permitted to set. Is it possible?

Thank you.

The current GSettings support through the gsettings interface plug and fixups made by the Snapcraft extension will have your application storing settings in the user’s main settings store. They will be readable and writable to all other applications with similar access.

In future (probably when building against core20), it should be possible to use the GSettings API without plugging gsettings. Provided GLib knows you’re running with confinement, the API will instead write your settings to a private data store (under $SNAP_USER_DATA by default). You won’t have access to other applications settings, and other apps will not be able to access your snap’s settings. There would be no need for code changes to run under this mode.