License: "unknown" is not true

I have an app in the store which is shown as “GPL2 or later”.

But snap info says ‘unknown’

alan@KinkPad-K340:~$ snap info mame
name:      mame
summary:   Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME)
publisher: popey
license:   unknown
description: |
  MAME is a hardware emulator. it faithfully reproduces the behaviour of
  many arcade machines (it is not a simulation). This program is not a game
  but can directly, through ROM images, run the complete system of these old
  arcade machines. These ROMs are subject to copyright and it is in most of
  the cases illegal to use them if you do not own the arcade machine.
  This package provides the MAME binary and configuration files and support
  Place ROMs in "~/snap/mame/common/roms" or edit the ini file located
  in "~/snap/mame/common/mame.ini" to point to where your ROMs
  and other files are.
snap-id: D2AbMrcy0frlQRhokuBnhAtABqtw8hJb
  - mame
tracking:    candidate
installed:   0.194 (96) 117MB -
refreshed:   2018-02-25 03:17:35 +0000 UTC
  stable:    –                        
  candidate: 0.194         (96) 117MB -
  beta:      0.194         (96) 117MB -
  edge:      0.194-b38f1d0 (95) 118MB -

Is this a snap or store bug?

nit: the license is actually showing in your screenshot as the “not later” variant. “GPL2 or later” has different wording :slight_smile:


Thanks. (it’s still broken though). :slight_smile:

It’s complicated. But I think I can sum it up, if you don’t ask too many questions:

Snap knows the license of the snap in the store. It doesn’t know the license of the snap you downloaded – there’s no guarantee they’re the same.

Add a license: GPL-2.0+ to your snap.yaml and everything will line up.

Unfortunately snapcraft doesn’t support it just now, so you’re probably stuck unless you were to patch your snapcraft, but that’s crazy talk.

  license: GPL-2.0+

Just in case anyone is wondering.