License to host customized Ubuntu Core images


I work for a commercial company, and we create a customized Ubuntu Core image for our device. We saw controversy comments on re-distributing Ubuntu Desktop, so we’d like to learn from here what’s the re-distribution license to host the customized image for our customers’ evaluation, as it’s built from the base snaps? Any comments would be appreciated.


Do you modify the snaps from the store in any way or just have a custom model which you use to build the images?

@mborzecki, thanks for the question. We didn’t modify snaps on the store. What we have done is to build a UC image using this model assertion which pulls core20 and snapd from the store. Since the image contains binaries from Canonical, just want to make sure we have the distribution right for our built images?

Using a separate model assertion sounds good. However, I think that @Igor is the best person to address these concerns.

As long as you do not modify the snaps you should have full distribution rights for snapd and core20 (given we allow them to be redistributed in context of a server or desktop iso as well as long as it is unmodified, this should not be different to Ubuntu Core) … note though that you should really better use a brand store if you use your own gadget and kernel in production to be able to provide (security) updates.

EDIT: so it was pointed out to me that the above statement could be taken as official. the above is clearly just my personal opinion and view …
… the exact rules can be tricky as there are a million possible valid and invalid ways to go about image building and distribition; the best thing is to discuss your specific needs with our licensing contacts though messaging @igor … sorry if i caused any confusion here.

The best thing is to discuss this with the experts in the field of licensing. @tonny.tzeng can you message me please, and we can then discuss the specifics, and I can refer you to the right people.

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