Libreoffice writer crashes when Language Tool added

RE: LibreOffice Tried again to add Language Tool(v 6.0)l. Impress and Calc work. However, Writer crashes. A document will open, the within a second or Writer crashes. PC is Dell Precision 7720 laptop. I am not an IT professional, but have had a PC on my desks since 1982 and six in various parts of my office. I am using snap version on 7720 as non-snap Calc will not open on 7720 laptop. I am a consultant in chemistry and toxicology, and I am writing not only reports for clients, but also for scientific journals. Language Tool is mission-critical.

I would appreciate a reply from members of this forum on how to fix the Language Tool problem. I should not have to reboot my 7720 and go into Win 11 and use MS Word to check my writing.


Hi @cigtoxdoc .

Try to execute libreoffice in safe mode and report the behaviour , here is the command :

libreoffice --safe-mode

Any way, you can remove libreoffice from snap, then install it via apt .

If you want to remove libreoffice from snap, you can execute this command(from your terminal) :

sudo remove --purge libreoffice

Then install it from apt via this below command :

sudo apt install libreoffice

Thank you very much. As I noted (or should have noted) in my first post, that LibreOffice Calc (non snap) will not open in normal mode. Safe mode works in both snap and non-snap, but kills the mission-critical extension: Language Tool (v 6.0). Also, starting in Safe Mode, even when asking it to save all my Tools Options data, said data was wiped out.

I can add inxi -Fz data, if you wish.

There are probably extensions that generate this bug . Normally you can save your documents in the safe mode if these last are not saved .

In the safe mode , the extensions are normally disabled. Perhaps you have to uninstall the extensions that generate the bugs.

Thank you, but SAFE MODE wipes out all my settings for paths, spacings, etc., etc. Moreover, SAFE MODE prevents extensions from working.

Now, the question should be, “Is the behavior exhibited by snap version of LibreOffice duplicated on other PCs with different architectures?” By the way, checking that is a pain, because snap version of LO wants to put documents in the snap subdirectory. One thing I have learned over the years is NOT to put your documents in the same partition as the OS is. Why did the developers of the snap version of LO want a user to do something that increases the risk of data loss?


Normally, you have the freedom to save your documents wherever you want (you just need to have write permission).

You should open a issue on the issue tracker for this snap:

Thank you. I have done as you suggested. Also, problem occurs on my Lenovo M80 as well as Dell7720. John