LibreOffice update process

I have two PC’s that I try to keep the same with regard to application software. One is Dell Precision 7720 laptop and the other is a Lenovo M80 desktop.

On the Dell, snap version of LibreOffice (LO) upgraded itself from 7.6 to without any action on my part or any notification other than see the different number on the icons on the Unity Launcher.

On the M80, I had to download and install the *.deb file to get to replace 7.6.

The version on the M80 has the same version number, but a different build number, AND added functionality. Under Tools/Options, there is an additional heading under Internet that is called Language Settings. Under Language Settings there is a subheading called English Sentence Checking with a number of options for having LO correct grammatical mistakes. Under Help, there is a new dropdown called Check for updates. The build version on the M80 begins with a “b” while the build version on the Dell begins with an “a”.

So, how do I update the software on the Dell from the “a” build to the “b” build?

Thank you,