Libreoffice slow to start

On my multi-core one-year-old ThinkPad Z13, libreoffice takes around 12 to 15 seconds to launch, even from a warm start, immediately after closing the application. I have tons of RAM, a fast SSD and CPU.

I noticed that the snap isn’t using lzo compression. I unpacked, and repacked it (which saved a chunk of space - 798MB vs 1.1GB!)…

-rw-r--r--  1 alan alan 798M Nov 30 15:09 libreoffice_7.6.2.1_amd64.snap
drwxr-xr-x 10 alan alan 4.0K Oct 12 21:10 squashfs-root
-rwxr-xr-x  1 alan root 1.1G Nov 30 15:06 store_libreoffice_300.snap

But it still takes ~10-12 seconds to render a window. Is there anything (lzo aside) that can be done about this? It’s pretty painful compared to the deb which takes ~2-3 seconds to show a window.


Just for the fun of it, have you tried an Xorg session? (Perhaps it is wayland/XWayland related)

Core20, can it be a dealbreaker, and also the huge size?(798Mb is still huge)

core20 shouldnt have any impact, the size probably has …

Not wayland related. On a completely different machine, which uses X, the disparity is similar, 2 seconds for the deb, 12+ seconds for the snap - before lzo compression.

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There is one other thing that confuses me. The LibreOffice Snap’s snapcraft.yaml seems to specify that the Snap should use lzo compression on line 7.

So, why isn’t it?

That repo isn’t what builds the snap, would be my guess. Especially given it hasn’t been touched for a year, and has a release that doesn’t match what’s in the store.

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This seems to be the repo where the snap is being maintained:

It also specifies compression: lzo, so I wonder what’s going on?

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Slowness is just one problem. Using Ubuntu Unity 23.10. First problem on startup was the LO would not recognize that all my data are stored on separate disk partitions. Snap LO won’t recognize these. I had to go to LO Options/Paths to tell LO where my data are (actually only half my data, as the other half is in another partition. Next problem is when switching or starting another LO application. If I click the icon on Unity Launch Bar to change to another program (i.e. going from Writer to Calc to get a number I need to insert in a report), another window of same program opens even though I did not ask it to.


It appears the LO Snap is indeed being hosted on the GitHub repo linked in the store page, but in a separate branch.

It still specifies lzo compression tho…

Would like to know if there’s a fix for this, as my dad noticed how slow it was starting up on his PC

You can use the deb package for now. Install the deb package with apt or from the store, and applying the debian packages filter.

1 Like LO snap version is stable enough for use. LO Impress actually opened a pptx file with audio on each slide and it ran. Builds on github are of 7.6, not renumbered versions.


The updated version is still painfully slow…

This latest version has some bugs, no JRE is available, Bug #2052457 “libreoffice latest version not detecting my java i...” : Bugs : libreoffice package : Ubuntu