Libreoffice impress is not reproducing a sound when insert an audio

Hi, i am using linuxmint 18, 64 it, cinnamon, I am trying Libreoffice Impress, and i uploaded an audio when i try to reproduce the audio, is not working.

I tried with appimage Impress and It is working well, so is this because libreoffice snap has restriction?

Hi @Lvaskz - thanks for reporting the issue! Sorry it’s not working as you’d expect.

It looks like the LibreOffice snap doesn’t specify the pulseaudio interface, which would likely give it access to playback audio.

@oSoMoN will be able to help here. I imagine we can crank out a build which has audio support and put that in a channel in the store for testing.

In fact the video doesn’t work either

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Thanks for uncovering that issue! I can observe it here too. Adding the pulseaudio plug doesn’t fix the issue. I have filed bug #1752166 to track it, it will require some more investigation.