Libreoffice and kde: how to get KDE Plasma integration?

The libreoffice snap works well, but it presents Gnome file dialogs. The PPA install has better KDE integration, I believe it is in upstream. Can the libreoffice snap provide kde integration? This is

I believe @marcustomlinson maintains the libreoffice snap?

@timattrn Thanks for pointing this out! Currently the libreoffice snap is built with gtk dialogs only but I’m happy to investigate the possibility of adding both gtk and qt dialogs to the snap build.

@ijohnson Actually I’m the new maintainer of the libreoffice snap :slight_smile:

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Thanks Heather, I hope you can find some support from the KDE community. The snap is great,the 6.4 version seems to have first-launch time quite a bit faster than last time I tried it.