Libreoffice 6.0.3 not so stable


Why is this not permitted and could it be permitted to allow LibreOffice to be more feature-parible with the Deb OOTB?

(cc @niemeyer)

Alternatively, could the LO snap be patched to give an appropriate (GUI) error when a user tries to save to the home directory? I.e. directly stating that they can’t save to home on their LO install?


Whether by punching a hole in the apparmor profile or by patching libreoffice, this should be fixed so that users are allowed to save documents under $HOME. A better error message would be only slightly less bad, because really there’s no good reason for not allowing to save documents under $HOME.

I have filed bug #1766192 to track the issue.


and it’s been a year


Unless you have a solution which you can get a consensus from snappy developers for and commit to the repository, it could be many years before this issue is resolved, we have no choice but to wait and get people affected by the bug to mark themselves as affected by it.