Libraries loading order: system vs bundled in the snap


Our app is built on Qt 6. The library files are packed in the snap as shared libs. (Not linked statically due to the Qt license policy.)

Recently a user who runs the snap on Arch Linux sent us a crash report. The app crashes with the following messages:

warning: direct reference to protected function `_ZN6QFrame11qt_metacastEPKc' in `/usr/lib/' may break pointer equality
fbreader: _ZN6QFrame11qt_metacastEPKc: /usr/lib/ error due to GNU_PROPERTY_1_NEEDED_INDIRECT_EXTERN_ACCESS

As far as I understand, there is a conflict with the system-provided version of the Qt6 library.

I do not ask why the Arch version of Qt6 lib is incompatible with the Qt Group-provided lib. This question is clearly out of topic on this forum.

My question is why the app tries to load system-provided lib although the snap provides its version. Does that mean we do something wrong during the snap building?

Mea culpa. It seems like the user started the app in some non-standard way. So the question makes no sense. Closed.