Libpeas python loader in a snap

I’m packaging up liferea feed reader, which uses python via libpeas-1.0-0-python2loader. That deb package installs the required file into $SNAP/usr/lib/libpeas-1.0/loaders/ but for some reason liferea is trying to load from the system /usr not the $SNAP/usr:

(liferea:15215): libpeas-WARNING **: Failed to load module 'pythonloader': /usr/lib/libpeas-1.0/loaders/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I’m not sure how to tell libpeas that it should be looking into an alternative path for it’s loaders. The fact that it says a full path suggests that it’s not using LD_LIBRARY_PATH for resolution of the shared object’s location, so I probably can’t use that to override. It seems odd that libpeas seems to be memorizing the location of the loader file inside itself rather than using runtime resolution.

Any hints as to how to proceed, and get libpeas loading the python runtime?

I’d suggest by looking at libpeas and checking how it determines the location. Is this using the dynamic linker or dlopen manually?