Leverage homebrew recipes where possible

Snapcraft and Homebrew are attempting to solve very similar problems,
and there is plenty of opportunity to collectively merge the knowledge and expertise of each platform.

Cross-post from GitHub

Homebrew is a beloved and well-adopted package management system for the Apple community. It has support for a wide range of unix devices.

The Snapcraft Store is paving the way in delivering applications that people can trust. They are secure, and trusted highly for their quality of security and their reliability.

I would like to spend time combining the package distributions of these two projects, using Brigade to automate the production of snap squashfs files from homebrew package formulas.

Ideally, this will proceed with the sign-off of Homebrew’s Project Leadership Committee. If not, there are 4830 existing Homebrew formulas that may be compatible with the snap ecosystem, licensed under the BSD two-clause license.

First experiment

The Electron Fiddle recipe that Homebrew specifies is a candidate to port to a Snap.

My guess is that Electron JS applications will build most reliably with Electron Forge, and will give the least friction by being made available on the SnapCraft store. I can compile a list of candidates for the snapcraft store, taking into account software licenses and build tooling.

There is also a JSON api for the formula, available at https://formulae.brew.sh/api/cask/electron-fiddle.json

I moved this to snapcraft category as it seems more appropriate there. Pinging @Wimpress and @sergiusens that might find this of interest.

Thanks! I’ll try to keep this page open in the next few days.