Hi snapcrafters,

I am the author of LazPaint and someone requested a snap for it. For now my software is available as deb and tar.gz files. It has also been accepted in the Debian distribution recently but it will take time before it is in Synaptic.

The software as an image editor that supports raster avec vector layers. It can exchange with Inkscape via SVG format and with raster editors like MyPaint via OpenRaster. It aims at being relatively easy to use but to provide many features.

I don’t have experience with snaps. I have tried making the snap myself but with VirtualBox it does not seem to work. Though I suppose the snap would not be too difficult to do using the Makefile. I’ve written some notes about it in the GitHub issue:

One thing that might fail is when the image browser is opened and the user clicks on the Drive button as it examine the mounting points to display them. That might need an interface.


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Hi! Have you considered migrating to GTK 3? GTK 4 is coming, it seems, and soon version 2 will be legacy.

Anyway, I might take a look at it on the weekend. Maybe somebody will help you sooner.

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Hi! Yes, unfortunately gtk3 is not well supported yet by Lazarus. When a newer version is supported, it will be probably easy to switch.

Ok, thanks. No rush.

For the record, LazPaint now has snap package:

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