Launching new workspaces in Slack

I have slack 3.2.1/stable installed in addition to chromium/stable. I’m running into an issue where I am unable to launch new workspaces in Slack from the browser so I’m only able to add the initial workspace. I saw this same issue with Firefox as well.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

I had the same problem and was able to work around the issue by copying the deep-link (e.g. slack://whatever) for the workspace to my clipboard from the redirect page and then alt-tabbing to slack. This caused the workspace switcher to appear with the new workspace.

I don’t know of a fix for this, but I suspect that it’s a sand-boxing issue since (for me) the Firefox (snap) doesn’t have permissions to read or write into the slack snap sandbox (you can see this if you try to manually choose the app in the dialog that pops up when you try to add a workspace).