Launcher items disappear and reappear on refresh

When refreshing a snap which has a link in Favourites (the Launcher of Ubuntu 17.10), the Favourites item disappears and then reappears. Could this be fixed by ensuring that the icon persists upon snap refresh? I think the current behavior is undesirable because background updates should be seamless and an untrained user won’t understand why their Favourites icons periodically disappear and then reappear.

This has happened with the Mailspring refresh I got recently, I also now have Mailspring open (didn’t close it after the refresh) but there’s no running indicator.

$ snap info mailspring
tracking:  edge
installed:   1.2.0 (202) 164MB -
$ snap version
snap    2.32.2
snapd   2.32.2
series  16
ubuntu  17.10
kernel  4.13.0-37-generic
$ snap info core
tracking:  beta
installed:   16-2.32.2                (4376) 90MB core

Filed bug #1762354. You may be able to avoid it by scheduling refreshes to a time when the program is less likely to be running and also by doing manual refreshes when it is convenient.

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Agreed, but I do think this bug should (somehow) be fixed since this shouldn’t be a problem out-of-the-box (especially given millions(?) of Ubuntu users are (somewhat inadvertently) installing snaps from Ubuntu Software and probably getting a bit confused when they don’t work as expected because of bugs like these)! :slight_smile: