Launch button disappeared in latest Ubuntu

I don’t see a Launch button in the Ubuntu Software of recently installed Ubuntu 20.04. How to get it back? Should I fix my snapcraft.yaml somehow for that?

Particularly, the button has been disappeared for the app

I think this is a snap-store bug, please file a bug at

CC @kenvandine

I found this bug is already registered:

Just to provide a bit more background, the reason the launch button is hidden is that snap applications cannot launch other applications outside of their sandbox.

There is work to solve this through a new desktop-launch interface:

This would provide a D-Bus API to allow a snap with the interface connected to launch a desktop file provided by another snap. The primary aim was to support a strict confined desktop session, but it would also cover the case of the Snap Store launching a just-installed application.

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In Kubuntu 20.04, I see this Launch button, but it just doesn’t work for my app (but works for other apps).

This still hasn’t been fixed? I really need it right now