Latest Zoom Edge version still asking to update

The latest update to Zoom 21 Aug 2021 in the edge is

But the Zoom website is saying
5.7.6 (31792.0820)

this is an issue on the zoom side that i can not do anything about, while their website says .0820, the deb they offer as Ubuntu download still says .0818 … manually downloading it gets me:

$ dpkg -x zoom_amd64.deb unpack
$ cat unpack/opt/zoom/version.txt 

i fear we’ll have to wait until they fix their download before i can upgrade the snap to .0820 (the snap is a re-pack of the deb)

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Thanks for that. I suspected it might be.
Appreciate your work

seems they noticed it and there is an updated deb (and also an updated snap in the edge channel already)

i’ll release it to stable later today …