Large wait on arm64/armhf snap remote builds

Hi there, I’ve been waiting 5-6 hours for remote builds for arm64/armhf to start. I’m trying to refresh 20+ snaps because of a dependency update that had a security fix, so I was hoping to get some urgent fixes uploaded. Is there an issue with a large builder backlog at the moment?

OK, seems to be chugging along now. Anyhow, still 6+ hours is a bit of a wait.

Yes, you and everyone else are indeed rebuilding the world :D.

My concern that if this is driven by the need to rebuild because of security issues on a dependency how can we guarantee timely releases of rebuild security fixed snaps?

Well, it’s not the only way to build, it’s a complimentary service. You could build the snap locally, if you want to do it faster, and push from your workstation to the store directly.

It’s kinda hard to build it locally when one does not have the H/W. For example, I don’t currently have a ppc64 system to do local builds. :-/

We’re aware that Launchpad’s Arm build farm is underperforming relative to the other architectures. You’ll be pleased to know that we have a significant capacity upgrade underway over the next couple of months, which should reduce initially queue and later build times significantly.