KVM auto-connection request for clouds

I’ve just finished packaging a KVM-using snap based on QEMU. This is very similar to qemu-virgl and sosumi, both of which have been granted access to the kvm interface. I’d like clouds to also be granted kvm for exactly the same reasoning as Alan posted for his sosumi snap. clouds is, like sosumi a wrapper around qemu-virgl. It’s primary purpose is to start a virtual machine of a popular operating system which is ordinarily a difficult undertaking.


@reviewers Anybody care to comment?

+1 from me. Seems logical given the use case. Tested and works well too.

clouds seems like quite a generic name for something which is quite specific in functionality (ie. launching a Windows 10 VM). Either way, kvm seems quite appropriate since regardless of the snaps name, this clearly describes itself as running Download and install Windows 10 in a VM so this should be obvious to users. +1 from me to auto-connect kvm for clouds.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against auto-connection of kvm for clouds, this is now live.

I couldn’t think of a Windows-related name that would be free of trademark issues. Clouds is a cryptic easteregg instead (check the $SNAP dir for clues as to why).